Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

17. MILEY CYRUS: 105.3 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Since her debut as a child star and her fast rise to popularity with her classic Disney series “Hannah Montana,” Miley Cyrus has been crowned in our hearts and has never let us down. She joined pop culture, following in her father’s footsteps, with Billy Ray Cyrus as her mentor. She delivered some excellent hits and albums after leaving Disney in 2011, including “Party in the USA” and “Wrecking Ball.” A total of 42 honors have been given to Miley, including the World Music Award, the MTV Music Award, and the People’s Choice Award. In August 2019, she and Liam Harmsworth just parted ways.

With 104 million followers overall on Instagram, Miley has a sizable following base. She has 1.1 million engagements and an impact score of 89. She has collaborated with a number of companies, such as Marc Jacobs, Coke, and Converse.

18. NIKE: 103.5 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight launched the most well-liked sports brand in 1964. The largest supplier of sportswear and athletic shoes worldwide is this American multinational firm. Nike established the trademark in 2012 by bringing in $24.1 billion in sales. Nike was placed 89th on the Fortune 500 ranking of the top US corporations.

With 78,100 employees worldwide and a net value of $29.6 billion, Nike has stores all over the world. Nike has teamed with a number of well-known celebrities, including Anna Wintour, Justin Timberlake, Piet Parra, Serena Williams, Ronaldo, etc.

Nike dominates Instagram with 102 million followers overall. It has a 379.6k engagement count and a 90 impact score.

19. KATY PERRY: 91.3 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Katy Perry, the renowned performer of “Hot and Cold,” is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge. She first entered popular culture in 2001, and since then she has been successful in winning 48 honors, including the AMAs, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. Some of her well-known tracks are “Hot n Cold,” “The one who got away,” and “Teenage Dream.” She has published 5 albums.

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The American Idol is where Katy gained the most of her notoriety. She has a $330 million net worth.

With a total of 90.1 million followers, 406.7 million engagements, and an influence score of 89, Katy dominates Instagram. Golden Brands Group and Katy have also worked together to establish her shoe line.

20. KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: 87.9 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

No, we haven’t finished with your favorite Kardashians just yet. Kourtney Kardashian, an American media personality, socialite, and model, is the oldest of the group. With her sisters Kim and Khloe, she has established a number of apparel and fragrance products. Most recently, in 2019, she started her lifestyle website “Poosh,” which is all about raising your living standards to the level of the Kardashians. She was honored with a People’s Choice Award for her work on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, just like her sisters. Her personal wealth is $35 million.

Kourtney has 87.4 million Instagram followers in total, 1.2 million of them are engaged, and she has an impact score of 89. In addition to starting her own businesses, Kourtney has worked on a Coke commercial.

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