Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

8. How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

What do you do when things at work don’t go according to plan? How do you handle challenging circumstances? Your company is interested in learning how you manage stress at work.

Do you perform well under pressure? Do you thrive under pressure, or would you rather have a job with less stress? When anything goes wrong, what do you do?

Do not assert that you encounter stress frequently or never. Instead, frame your response such that it acknowledges professional stress and details how you have handled it, perhaps even to your benefit.

9. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

What sort of pay are you hoping to get? Money-related inquiries are never easy to answer. You don’t want to undersell yourself or overcharge for a project. Employers may not inquire about your past salaries in some jurisdictions, but they may inquire about your expected pay.

To be ready to mention a wage (or compensation range) if requested, do your study before to the meeting. There are a number of free salary estimators available online that may give you an acceptable range depending on your position, company, experience, qualifications, and region.

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