13 things cool people always do

13 things cool people always do

What exactly does being “cool” entail?

We all know what it means to be “cool” in school: the popular kids wearing designer clothing who belonged to their own clique and often bullied the other students.

But there is a distinction between cool in the classroom and cool in the real world.

Real cool is almost entirely the opposite: someone who is hospitable and open, pleasant and compassionate, and who exudes easy independence and capability in all they do.

Being cool entails being true to yourself and refusing to allow anybody else define who you are.

Here are 14 characteristics that define cool people:

1) They Define Their Own Energy

What do you do when you enter a busy room?

In order to avoid being recognized before you have a good sense of the mood of the group, you could attempt to feel out the energy first before chatting or engaging with anybody.

A cool individual doesn’t give a damn about it.

They always follow their own rules, therefore they aren’t concerned with what others may say or do.

They define their own energy, which is what they bring with them into every scenario. It is independent of where they are or who they are with.

2) They Don’t Need a Posse

Humans are inherently tribal creatures we like to live in groups because they provide us with security and stability and make our lives more pleasant.

We come to rely on our friends and family, our “posse,” since that is where we feel at home.

A cool person, however, is not dependent on others to feel whole.

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A cool person is completely capable of being who they are even when they are on their own, even if this doesn’t imply that they would reject having a social group.

3) They’re Open to New Experiences

Cool individuals understand how crucial it is to just say yes.

Life is full of experiences, but you can only have those experiences if you allow yourself to have them.

A cool person doesn’t pass up the chance to try something new whenever they get the chance, and this leads to a full and rewarding life filled with many memorable experiences.

Cool individuals experience more when it comes to sights to see, activities to do, and people to meet simply because they put themselves out there more than anybody else.

And because of this, life is more satisfying and gratifying, which in turn heightens their natural, innate satisfaction with life.

They are aware that experiences are the foundation of life; otherwise, how could they be so cool?

4) They Make Things Seem Effortless

Do you ever see someone who is hesitant, awkward, and sloppy when you envision a cool person?

Do you ever imagine someone who could be fumbling, fighting to complete a task, and retreating within when they fail? In no way.

Someone who can make everything they do look simple and easy is cool.

A cool person doesn’t necessarily put their all into everything they do; rather, they just give it their all, which gives them a feeling of confidence and proficiency even when they have no clue what they’re doing.

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Any lack of experience is overcome by this naïve, inborn confidence.

5) They Have Their Own Swagger

Confidence breeds swagger, and swagger is what confident individuals live and breathe. But what exactly does “swagger” mean?

Some people may believe that someone’s “swagger” is only that stylish, carefree swing in their gait, but swagger can really signify a lot more.

Being naturally confident and having a sense of assurance that shields you from others’ scrutiny and criticism is what it means to have a swagger.

When you strut your stuff, you just exude a presence that nobody can deny you.

You move differently when you enter a room and converse with others without feeling crippling self-consciousness.

Swagger is the self-assurance to travel the globe on your own terms.

6) They Don’t Judge

People with style don’t spend time passing judgment on others.

Too many of us waste too much time passing judgment on others; we criticize them for their appearance, their behavior, and what they choose to do.

Some people’s favorite past time is to judge other people.

A cool person, however, is above all of that since being unconcerned with what other people think is one of their core characteristics.

So why would someone who is cool worry whether someone else is acting in accordance with what society considers “acceptable”?

Cool individuals just live and let live, making their own rules for living and allowing others to do the same.

7) They’re Holistically Educated

Although they may not always be the sharpest persons in the room, cool people often have above-average intellect.

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People that are really cool are Renaissance Men and Women, which means that they have a broad range of knowledge and skills.

They often gain skills and expertise in a broad range of areas as a result of all their varied encounters.

They just comprehend the world, not necessarily to an expert level, but enough to grasp how things function. This is part of the reason they are so confident.

They give everything they attempt their all, which enhances their inherent skills.

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