How to Avoid Awkward Silence On The First Date

How to Avoid Awkward Silence On The First Date

Not every date will be a success, but ideally we should be able to carry on simple discussions with enough ease to give us a chance. There is a solution to stop things from being awkwardly silent and sluggish when the talk slows down, though. Here are some suggestions for preventing those lulls and improving your dating experience.


Talking about a topic that the other person is genuinely interested in is one of the finest methods to start a discussion that will go on for a while. Even if you may not yet be aware of their preferences, the majority of individuals enjoy discussing themselves, so you should keep your inquiries on them. When you find something they enjoy, such as cooking, football, or Stranger Things (it is 2022, after all), attempt to engage them in conversation about it. If you engage them in a topic they are enthusiastic about (or something you both care deeply about, which is even better), there won’t be any awkward silences.


You may always go back a few minutes and take up with another subject if you sense that the discussion is going to strike a brick wall. If you genuinely believe that the conversation has come to an end, you’re certain to remain in an unpleasant silence, but you could also find that you still have some unanswered questions regarding something they discussed previously.


Although you can’t always control your nervousness, remember that you are speaking to a fellow human being and not a Greek deity or goddess. Your conversation is more likely to flow naturally the more at ease you can stay. It’s merely the initial meeting. The scenario isn’t life or death, so don’t stress over having an awkward silence. Instead, simply go with the flow.

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People occasionally have a propensity to gripe or go on the offensive over something as filler. However, if you’re just getting to know someone, it might be unpleasant to start a discussion in a negative tone if they don’t want to join your whining party. If all you’re doing is whining and they’re just sitting there in quiet, like, “WTF,” things may become very uncomfortable very quickly.


Talk about what they said back to them in as many words as you can if you’re unsure of where to go with a conversation. This will let them know that you’re interested in what they’ve said and have been listening to them, and it could also prompt them to think of something else to say. Having stated that, you should only sometimes utilize this conversational technique. Otherwise, you’re just going to wind up looking like a freak.


Eliminating interruptions is one approach to maintain the flow of a discussion. He may assume you are paying attention, but if he doesn’t, he probably won’t continue talking while you browse Instagram. It seems sense that you could suffer awkward silence if the majority of your date is spent on separate sides of the table reading through social media.

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