Foot massage techniques and benefits


Growing scientific data supports massage’s positive effects on health.

According to a studyTrusted Source, massage therapy may be beneficial when incorporated into acute care since it can:

  • deal with physical and mental health challenges
  • experience less pain
  • relax
  • manage emotions
  • sleep

According to 2018 research, hand and foot massages can help patients feel less anxious and have better vital signs when given in hospital settings.

Additionally, a 2016 research found that doctors should advise massage therapy as a pain management alternative above no treatment at all.

Foot massage vs. reflexology

Pressure is applied to particular areas of the foot during reflexology, an alternative form of treatment. It differs from a typical foot massage.

Reflexology proponents contend that applying pressure to the foot can treat unrelated health issues in other parts of the body.

Reflexology has been said to be calming, however academics point out that there isn’t much solid data to back this up, according to multiple systematic studies.

Reflexology is a type of foot massage, therefore even though there is no scientific evidence to back it, the technique may still be soothing to some people.

Foot massage tips

There are several methods for giving a foot massage. Different folks favor various methods. A person might wish to experiment with a variety of approaches to find out what works best for them or someone else.

Prior to beginning:

  • with or without a few drops of diluted essential oil, bathe the feet in warm water
  • pat the feet dry with a towel
  • rest the feet on the towel
  • massage the foot by applying oil all the way up to the ankle
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Here are some common guidelines for foot massage:

  • Pay attention to parts that feel sore: Apply as much or as little pressure as is comfortable for a longer period of time to hurting places.
  • Pay attention to parts that feel good: It can be continued if it’s nice.
  • Avoid injuring the thumbs: Avoid applying pressure that makes your thumbs pain. Apply pressure using your whole weight rather than your thumb muscles.
  • Avoid using pressure that is too light, as this may tickle.
  • Focus on one foot at a time.

Risks and considerations

Examine the feet for the following before beginning a foot massage:

  • cuts
  • bandages
  • athlete’s foot

The need for a foot massage may also depend on other pre-existing foot diseases, such diabetic neuropathy. Parts of the foot may become sensitive to pressure under certain circumstances.

Before getting a massage of the lower legs, pregnant women and others at risk for blood clots should see a doctor.


A simple home remedy for sore or hurting feet is foot massage. Additionally, the practice may boost a person’s general sense of wellbeing by assisting them in relaxing and unwinding.

The 12 methods in this article provide a fundamental overview of foot massage. People might see a massage therapist or look for more training from experts.

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