The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

On September 24, 2007, CBS aired a program that captured the attention of science enthusiasts everywhere. This sitcom, which centers on a bunch of socially uncomfortable geeks, introduced a brand-new idea to television and was something we all needed. Whether they were nerds or not, viewers fell in love with the program and found the group to be incredibly sympathetic.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

But there was some drama going on behind the scenes. There were several discussions going on when the show’s performers resigned from their contracts for seasons 11 and 12, the last two.


Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco, the show’s leading performers, together bargained with CBS to become the highest-paid actors. Together, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, who debuted in season 3 and turned become regulars a year later, bargained for the same pay as the original cast members. In order for the two actresses to obtain the salary that they are due, the five co-stars consented to a $100,000 pay reduction each episode.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

It’s remarkable to see how much the entire cast has changed since the “Big Bang Theory” ended. The performers achieved great popularity and fortune because to this show. Let’s take a look at the cast’s evolution as well as the rise in their pay!

John Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter – Then

Leonard first appeared in season 1 as Sheldon Cooper’s roommate and best friend while working as an experimental physicist. He adores Sheldon but is frequently irritated by his eccentricities.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Like the rest of his buddies, Leonard is extremely intelligent. He earned his Ph.D. from Princeton when he was just 24 years old. He fell in love with Penny, who aspires to be an actress, and in the ninth season, the two got married.

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John Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter – Now

Although TBBT wasn’t John’s first acting role, it did help him establish his reputation. In his collection of honors today is an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Since then, John has acted in a number of films and television productions, but none of them have been as successful as his part in this program. Up until the eighth season, John’s remuneration for playing Leonard was $350,000 each episode. Then, it skyrocketed to $900,000 per episode.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper – Then

Since the beginning of the show, Sheldon has been a favorite of viewers. He is a theoretical physicist at Caltech and formerly shared a residence with Leonard, his closest buddy. He has a very serious personality, is anal about his routine, and quickly irritates others around him.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

He flaunts his geekiness and conceit, thinking himself to be faultless. Amy, a neurobiologist, and he began dating in season 5, and in season 10, they were engaged.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper – Now

Another prominent character on the program, Jim, discovered that playing the adored Sheldon allowed him to grow. For his efforts, he has received a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

You may have heard him voice a quirky and free-spirited extraterrestrial named Oh in the animated film “Home.” Jim was one of the highest-paid actors in comedic television, earning $900,000 each episode (together with John and Kaley).

Sara Gilbert as Leslie Winkle – Then

Leonard and Leslie both work as physicists at Caltech. The only difference between Leslie and Leonard is that she wears hooded sweatshirts and black-framed spectacles. Leonard asked her out in season 1 instead of Penny because he thought Penny was too much of a catch.

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The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Sheldon objects to their connection, which keeps the two at odds. In the end, Leslie and Howard have a casual, no-strings-attached romance, with Howard expressing affection for her.

Sara Gilbert as Leslie Winkle – Now

The actress Sara, who is now married to Linda Perry and has three children, was and continues to be most recognized for her long-running role as Darlene Conner on “Roseanne.”

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Roseanne’s spinoff, “The Conners,” debuted on television in 2018. Following a divisive tweet by actress and executive producer Roseanne Barr, the “Roseanne” remake was shelved.

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