The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Charlotte Newhouse as Joy – Then

Joy and Leonard are introduced by Bernadette and Howard as a double date. After a spin class, Joy arrives at the restaurant dressed in her sweaty gym attire.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Leonard informed Howard that the date was the worst night of his life because Joy was so annoying and vulgar. Leonard, however, unexpectedly seizes the chance when Joy says that going to a wedding with her will lead to a hookup.

Charlotte Newhouse as Joy – Now

Charlotte had roles before TBBT. She portrayed Professor Baker in the program “Community” as well as Jules Hayes in the television series “Brainstorm.”

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She is well known for her part as Billie in the Comedy Central series “Idiotsitter.” Additionally, she occasionally records as a voice actor for animated programs like “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and “Adventure Time.”

Valerie Azlynn as Alicia – Then

In the flat above them, Alicia, a previous neighbor of Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon, resides. Sheldon asks her nonstop when she initially sees Leonard and Sheldon in the lobby. Despite being annoyed, Alicia answers all of Sheldon’s questions, and he accepts her.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She receives several favors from Leonard, Howard, and Raj, who fawn over her. Penny feels envious and irritated that Alicia exploits the males. The lads are being used by Alicia, Penny informs them. After Penny confronts Alicia about this, the two fight, which leaves Penny with a black eye and the lads refusing to help Alicia.

Valerie Azlynn as Alicia – Now

Before her role on TBBT, Valerie had a lengthy history in acting. She starred alongside Ben Stiller as Damien’s assistant in the comedy “Tropic Thunder.”

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The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She portrayed Melanie Sutton in the 2012 season of “Sullivan & Son.” She still performs little parts in movies and TV shows today.

Brooke D’Orsay as Christy Vanderbel – Then

Christy, a previous acquaintance of Penny’s from Nebraska, slept with Penny’s brother Randall when she was engaged to Penny’s cousin. Penny considers her a member of the family and invites her to stay with her for a while.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Penny’s room is where Christy and Howard have love, forcing Penny to leave her own apartment. Christy is quite materialistic, and she only dates Howard if he buys her things. She dumps him after facing Howard’s mother, who threatens to remove Howard from his will if they continue dating.

Brooke D’Orsay as Christy Vanderbel – Now

Since playing Christy in TBBT, Brooke has been in a variety of television programs. In the comedy series “Happy Hour,” she played Heather Hanson. She appeared in a “How I Met Your Mother” episode as well. For 86 episodes, she provided Caitlin’s voice in the animated series “6Teen.”

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She appeared in “Two and a Half Men” as two separate characters: in 2007, she played Robin, and in 2014, she portrayed Kate. Later, she portrayed Paige Collins in the television series “Royal Pains.” Her most recent two jobs were little roles in TV movies.

Riki Lindhome as Ramona Nowitzki – Then

Ramona, a postdoctoral researcher at Caltech, admires Sheldon and his work much. They agree to eat supper in his place when she meets him in the cafeteria.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Sheldon simply likes having free supper, despite his friends’ perceptions that she is a bit obsessed. The other members of the group watch their date from the couch as it takes an odd turn. Sheldon eventually finds a solution to the issue he was working on, and Ramona wants to take credit for it. In response, he forces her out of the flat.

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Riki Lindhome as Ramonda Nowitzki – Now

The parts in “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Last House on the Left” that Riki is most recognized for playing. From 2013 until 2018, she portrayed Beatrice in the historical comedy series “Another Period.” She also provided the voice of Poison Ivy in the most recent “Lego Batman Movie.”

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Alongside Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough, the actress also appeared in the thriller “Under the Silver Lake.” Riley Keough is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

Eliza Dushku as Angela Page – Then

When Howard requests a security clearance to join the Defense Department Equipped Surveillance Satellite Team, Angela, an FBI agent, conducts a background investigation on him.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Raj tells her that Howard is undoubtedly legal in the United States but that he is neurotic and only talks about himself when she questions him about Howard. Leonard then advances on her but discovers that she is wed to a Navy Seal. Sheldon unintentionally reveals to Angela during their interview that Howard once wrecked the Mars rover in an effort to impress a woman. Howard obviously failed the security clearance test to join the squad.

Eliza Dushku as Angela Page – Now

Without a doubt, Eliza did not begin her career in TBBT. She was already well-known in Hollywood when she made her debut on the show.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She portrayed Faith in the “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Series as well as Missy Pantone in the well-known cheerleading film “Bring It On.” She played Echo, a lead character, in the Fox television series “Dollhouse,” and Tru, a lead character, in “True Calling.” Since 2017, she has not been acting.

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