The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Kate Micucci as Lucy – Then

Raj meets Lucy during a Valentine’s Day party at the comic shop for singles only. Lucy is a very shy and timid woman.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

In season 6, Lucy and Raj fall in love, but as Raj tries to get Lucy to meet his friends, Lucy textually quits their relationship. She claims that he went too far and that she no longer wants to be in the relationship.

Kate Micucci as Lucy – Now

Since she participated in 8 episodes of TBBT, Kate Micucci has performed as a voice actress in a number of animated films and television shows. She provided the voices for Velma Dinkley in “Be Cool, Scooby-Doo” and Irma Langinstein in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” on Nickelodeon.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

She also provided the voices for Webbigail and Sara Murphy in the Disney animated series “Duck Tales” and “Milo Murphy’s Law,” respectively. The 37-year-old provided Clayface’s voice in the 2017 “Lego Batman Movie.”

April Bowlby as Rebecca – Then

Bert, a Caltech employee, has a gorgeous blonde girlfriend named Rebecca. After failing to succeed as an actor, she started working as a personal trainer.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

The group is rather taken aback that such a stunning girl would date an uncomfortable scientist. Rebecca is thought by Sheldon to be a gold-digger. When Bert shows up to the flat, he tells Rebecca that they are no longer together.

April Bowlby as Rebecca – Now

Besides playing Rebecca in TBBT, April has performed in a number of other roles. She also portrayed Kandi in “Two and a Half Men,” Alan’s adorably stupid young wife. She played Stacey Barrett for five years in the television series “Drop Dead Diva.”

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The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Numerous television movies, including “A Mother’s Crime” and “Love’s Last Resort,” have featured April Bowlby. Her recurring appearance as Elasti-girl in the television series “Doom Patrol” was the most significant of her recent performances.

Kaley Cuoco as Penny Hofstadter – Then

The first season introduces Penny, the stunning blonde neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard. Even though she has a very little acting background, she views herself as a professional actor.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

The Cheesecake Factory waitressing is where Penny makes the most of her money. She has been Leonard’s love interest from the first episode, and the two have been together ever since. In season nine, they were finally married in Vegas. She then gave up acting and began working at Bernadette’s pharmaceutical firm in its place.

Kaley Cuoco as Penny Hofstadter – Now

Prior to TBBT, Kaley Cuoco played a significant part in a sitcom. Prior to playing Penny, Kaley co-starred with the late John Ritter in the comedy “8 Simple Rules” as Bridget Hennessy, the show’s primary character.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Kaley earned $900,000 each episode for her part as Penny, making her one of TV’s highest-paid comedic performers along with her co-stars Jim and John. The actress amassed a million dollars from her career in television before starting her own production firm.

Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Wolowitz – Then

Former Cheesecake Factory waitress Bernadette has completed her Ph.D. in microbiology. When Penny presented her to Howard in the third season, she was first introduced to us.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

The two initially had little in common but later became friends since they had a controlling mother. Howard asks her to marry him in season 4, and they exchange vows in season 6. Later, the two had two children: Neil, a son, and Halley, a daughter.

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Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Wolowitz – Now

Melissa had a few additional television appearances prior to her significant part in TBBT. She has supporting roles in “True Blood” and “The Office.”

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Additionally, Melissa appeared in several films, including “The Bronze” in 2015 and “Are You Here” in 2013. After agreeing to return for seasons 11 and 12, the actress (together with Mayim) received a rise and began earning a staggering $500,000 each episode.

Steven Yeun as Sebastian – Then

Before Leonard, Sheldon shared a room with Sebastian. He only appeared in a flashback while Leonard was telling Penny the tale of how he met Sheldon. Sebastian is seen departing the elevator with all of his remaining stuff as he is moving out of the building as Leonard arrives at the apartment building after securing a job at the university.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

When Leonard inquires as to the location of Sheldon Cooper’s apartment, Sebastian responds, “Run quickly, run far.” Leonard returns to the flat later and finds the words “Die Sheldon Die” painted in red on the wall of the bedroom.

Steven Yeun as Sebastian – Now

Steven has now developed into a somewhat popular actor after playing several little roles, such as in TBBT. He played the primary character Glenn for seven seasons of “The Walking Dead” before his character was shockingly and brutally murdered off.

The Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Real Life

Since then, he has appeared in a few additional productions, lending his voice as Steve Palchuk in the “Trollhunters” Netflix animated series. The actor is regularly engaged in new film and television projects.

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