The 9 most affordable airlines to fly in business class

1. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines serves 302 destinations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas and travels to 120 countries, more than any other airline. Dream vacation spots like Budapest or Bangkok are much simpler to reach, and flying there in business class is much more likely. Itineraries for round-trip travel have been purchased for as little as $1500, which is a great deal given that first-class tickets on foreign flights may easily cost three times that much. Keep an eye out for incredible bargains because Turkish Airlines undoubtedly goes wherever you’re going next.

2. Hawaiian Airlines

If you play your cards properly, you could fly in the Extra Comfort cabin (a cross between economy and business) from Los Angeles to Kauai for about $500 or from New York City to Tokyo for about $1500. Naturally, off-season is when you’ll save the most money, but Hawaiian Airlines is still affordable in the summer and around the holidays when everyone takes vacation to get tan. If you want to visit Hawaii, Asia, or the South Pacific soon, think about using the carrier.

3. Jetstar Airways

Although traveling in business class on a low-cost carrier seems counterintuitive, it’s definitely your best option if low costs are your top concern. Low-cost airline Jetstar Airways is a division of Qantas Airlines. It travels on certain international routes connecting North America, Asia, and Oceania while providing first-class seats. You will undoubtedly receive the budget-business treatment, which excludes entirely flat chairs, but you will still sleep far longer than you would in an economy cabin.

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