The 9 most affordable airlines to fly in business class

7. Aer Lingus

To obtain great prices on Aer Lingus’ business class flights, you don’t need to be lucky in Ireland. The airline is a no-brainer for travel to Ireland, but it’s also excellent for travel between the US or Canada and continental Europe. Although Aer Lingus frequently outperforms its rivals on transatlantic routes, business-class seats aren’t always inexpensive. This makes it a terrific airline for getting you across the water.

8. Norwegian Air

In its advertising, Norwegian Air touts itself as the greatest low-cost carrier in the world for international travel. That’s a hefty assertion, but the carrier can support it with a long list of accolades. Budget travelers wishing for a bit more comfort on a three-figure flight can choose Norwegian Air. You can get benefits like armrests you don’t have to fight your neighbor for and legroom that really lives up to its name for a little bit more than you would pay for economy, albeit that is still less than you would spend on other airlines.

9. Avianca

Latin American countries love Avianca. There is no avoiding it when looking for flights to Bogotá or Buenos Aires, which is fortunate because it frequently has excellent deals on both business and economy tickets. When I recently received an upgrade on an Avianca trip from Montevideo to Lima, the plush cabin and deluxe food package almost made me forget about my subsequent flights. Even while you might not have the same success as I did, the service is still excellent and you might be able to get a comparable offer in advance.

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