Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

5. All Dogs Can Swim

Before you take Fido swimming, remember that not all dogs can swim, advise veterinarians. Dogs frequently can’t stay afloat or keep their heads above water with just their canine paddle. A dog’s capacity for swimming is greatly influenced by its breed and physical make-up.

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

While certain breeds, such as retrievers, are known to be superb swimmers, others, such as bulldogs, need to wear a safety life jacket because they can sink and die very rapidly. Dogs should never be left unattended near swimming pools or other bodies of water, according to experts. Additionally, fences should surround swimming pools, and dogs should wear life jackets made specifically for them. To keep you and your furry family member safe, specific precautions must be taken, just as with small children.

6. Cats Always Land On Their Feet

Humanity has been baffled by cats’ behavior for a very long time. Today’s scientists have disproved the veracity of this cherished myth, which is one of the most widely held, and they realize that the mysterious power is mostly the result of physics. Animals like cats and others have a “righting reaction”. In order to avoid harm or death, they may now modify themselves as they fall.

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

A cat may twist its spine in a way that causes the body to reposition, allowing it to land safely on all fours. This is possible because cats have a very flexible backbone and don’t have a functioning collarbone. Although this normally results in a safe landing, occasionally the fall doesn’t give the cat enough time to adjust its posture. Cats don’t always fall on their feet, which can cause serious injury or even death.

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7. A Dog’s Mouth Is Cleaner Than A Human’s

Medical professionals encourage owners to resist the need to kiss their pets back when they do so, despite the temptation. Many people mistakenly think that a dog’s mouth is clean, but anyone who has been to a dog park knows that this is untrue. Dogs usually always put something in their mouths or close to their noses, including dung and rubbish.

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Similar to a human’s mouth, a dog’s mouth is home to thousands of different types of oral bacteria. Although the majority of these bacterial strains usually only infect canines, around 15% of them also infect people, with the potential to make them sick or even kill them. Although our skin and immune system usually protect us, licking cuts and wounds greatly increases the likelihood of infection.

8. A Wagging Tail Means A Dog Is Excited or Happy

The incorrect notion that a dog’s tail is wagging because it is pleased is one of the most widespread fallacies and one of the main causes of dog attacks. A wagging tail merely indicates that the dog is intellectually active, according to biologists and canine behaviorists. This does not reflect their disposition or state of mind.

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Dogs use their tails to convey a variety of emotions, including as fear, displeasure, curiosity, zeal, confidence, tension, uneasiness, or aggressiveness. Dog behaviorists advise paying attention to a dog’s tail’s height and motion. Positive body language typically includes a broad, quick tail wag. A slower, stiffer wag may indicate that you should use cautious. Every breed has a distinctive tail, therefore owners should be aware of what a “neutral tail” looks like to determine their dog’s attitude.

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9. A Goldfish Is An Easy-To-Care For First Pet

The idea that goldfish are an easy first pet is widespread, whether it’s due to their inexpensive cost or the frequent representation of them as content in a little bowl of water. Goldfish have kept several “carp family features” despite looking considerably different from their forebears, including the fact that their gills and feces create a lot of waste.

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? The Top Pet Myths You Need To Stop Believing

In a tiny, unfiltered tank, this waste can quickly pile up in a dangerous manner. This is why even little goldfish need aquariums that are at least 20 gallons in size. When given the right care, these little fish may reach lengths of up to a foot and have lifespans of more than 10 years. Several nations have banned goldfish bowls because doing so is dangerous and constitutes animal cruelty.

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