Top Fastest Electric Scooters in the World

Top Fastest Electric Scooters in the World

We are in a historical period when much of the globe has unrestricted access to extremely fast electric scooters. Newer, faster, and more radical scooters come into reach of scooter-loving mortals like us every month. It’s possible that this period of time will go by virtually as rapidly as the scooters. Therefore, it could be wise to pick one quickly if you must.

The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters in the World have been produced to aid you in identifying the fastest of the fast (while they last).

We’ve rated the top 10 based on top speed, and where data is available, we’ve also included statistics for standing 1/16th mile, 99 m, and 0 to 48 km/h times.

World’s Fastest Electric Scooters by Top Speed

Results below are based on our independent performance testing and not data provided by the manufacturer.

Top Fastest Electric Scooters in the World
RankScooterTop SpeedSource
1Rion RE90121 kmhAlien Rides
2Kaabo Wolf King GT98.2 kmhESG GPS
3Minimotors Dualtron X II96 kmhRaptor TV
4Kaabo Wolf King95.6 kmhESG GPS
5NAMI Burn-E94.7 kmhESG GPS
6Dualtron Thunder II93.9 kmhESG GPS
8Turbowheel Phaeton87 kmhVarious
9Dualtron Storm83.1 kmhESG GPS
10Dualtron Thunder80.5 kmhESG GPS

Rankings have traditionally been decided by top speed. You must be the fastest, not necessarily the fastest, if you want to win the heavyweight title. As long as you don’t run out of runway, peak speed is mostly a measurement of power vs wind resistance, therefore bigger vehicles may get away with it and still do well in this area.

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