Top 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer

Top 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer

9. Dig deeper

If you don’t go farther, it’s difficult to recall a list of numbers and information. Ask why something is the way it is. What caused them to exist? Why are they important? Elaboration is what psychologists refer to as. Nebel describes it as using the content from the lesson and “asking a lot of how and why questions about it.” To put it another way, don’t take information at face value.

You can better understand new knowledge when you can connect it to what you already know. Additionally, she claims that it expands the network of related concepts in your brain. Learning and memory are made simpler by the bigger network.

According to McDaniel, imagine that you are expected to recall a series of details about various males. For instance, “The hungry man entered the vehicle. The powerful guy assisted the woman. The courageous man dashed inside. so on. College students struggled to recall the plain assertions in one of his studies from the 1980s. They performed better when researchers explained each man’s behavior to them. And when they had to give reasons for each man’s actions, the pupils’ memories were far better.

According to McDaniel, “excellent knowledge promotes extremely good recall.” And for a lot of students, that’s essential. Ask additional questions if information seems to be coming at you randomly. Ensure that you can explain the subject. Even better, he advises, try to explain it to someone else. Some of his college students accomplish this by calling home to inform their parents about what they are studying.

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