Top 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer

Top 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer

Good study habits are usually beneficial. But with the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s even more crucial now. According to Sana, a lot of kids are concerned about sick relatives or acquaintances. Others experience more widespread stress. Additionally, kids across the world are exposed to various teaching methods. Some institutions are resuming in-person instruction with masking and spacing requirements. Other schools feature staggered courses and part-time pupils. Others take all of their lessons online, at least initially.

Your lessons could be disrupted by these circumstances. Additionally, without a teacher or parent watching them, pupils might have to do more. They’ll need to organize their schedule and do more independent study. However, many pupils never acquired those abilities. According to Sana, it may be comparable to instructing pupils to learn to swim by “simply swimming” to them.

Good news: Science may be useful.

Psychologists have studied the most effective study habits for more than a century. For practically every subject, some advice is helpful. Do not, for instance, simply cram! And instead of merely reading the information again, put it to the test. For various kinds of classes, other strategies are more effective. This covers techniques like utilizing graphs or varying the subjects you research. Here are 10 suggestions for improving your study habits.

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