Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

3. Raise HDL (The “Good”) Cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein is referred to as HDL. It is frequently referred to as “good” cholesterol.

Higher HDL levels are often associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health issues.

Eating eggs is a fantastic strategy to raise HDL levels. Eating two eggs every day for six weeks raised HDL levels by 10% in one research.


Regular egg consumption raises HDL (the “good”) cholesterol levels, which are associated with a decreased risk of numerous ailments.

4. Contain Choline — an Important Nutrient That Most People Don’t Get Enough Of

Most individuals aren’t even aware that choline exists, despite the fact that it is a crucial component and is frequently combined alongside the B vitamins.

Choline performs a variety of tasks, including constructing cell membranes and aiding in the synthesis of signaling molecules in the brain.

Fortunately, choline insufficiency is uncommon despite the significant nature of its symptoms.

Choline is very well-retained in whole eggs. More than 100 mg of this vital vitamin are found in only one egg.


The finest dietary sources of choline, a vitamin that is crucial but that most people don’t receive enough of, are eggs.

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