Understanding Acrophobia, or Fear of Heights

Understanding Acrophobia, or Fear of Heights

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) has attracted the interest of several professionals as a viable phobia treatment strategy in recent years.

An immersive VR experience may expose you to your fears in a secure environment. When using computer software, you have the choice to stop immediately if the situation becomes overwhelming.

2018 research

Trusted Source examined how VR affected 100 acrophobic individuals. Only little amounts of pain were felt by participants throughout VR sessions. Numerous people said that VR treatment was beneficial.

Although additional research is needed in the area, the study’s authors came to the conclusion that since VR can be done at home, it would be a readily accessible, reasonably priced therapy alternative.

The bottom line

One of the most prevalent phobias is acrophobia. It could be worthwhile to speak with a therapist if you have a fear of heights and discover that you avoid particular situations or spend a lot of time thinking about how to avoid them.

A therapist can assist you in creating the coping mechanisms you need to face your fear and stop it from interfering with your regular activities.

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