Understanding Acrophobia, or Fear of Heights

Understanding Acrophobia, or Fear of Heights

How is it diagnosed?

Only a mental health expert can make the diagnosis of phobias, including acrophobia. You can get a psychiatrist recommendation from your doctor. They might aid in making the diagnosis.

They’ll probably ask you to describe what occurs when you’re confronted by heights to start. Include the duration of this dread as well as any further mental health symptoms you may have encountered.

Acrophobia is often identified if you:

  • actively avoid heights
  • spend a lot of time worrying about encountering heights
  • find that this time spent worrying starts to affect your daily life
  • react with immediate fear and anxiety when encountering heights
  • have these symptoms for more than six months

How is it treated?

Treatment for phobias is not always necessary. Some people find it pretty simple and doesn’t have a significant influence on their regular activities to avoid the frightened thing.

Treatment might be helpful if you discover that your worries are preventing you from doing the actions you need or want to take, such as visiting a friend who lives on the top level of a building.

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