The Top 10 Hotels in Paris

The Top 10 Hotels in Paris

A certain delight results from exploring the many arrondissements of Paris and absorbing their unique cultures. This emotion is evident as soon as you enter the lobby doors of the top hotels in Paris. The combination of these elements, together with a strong feeling of history and first-rate service, appears to be the secret to success.

Hotels were evaluated based on their amenities, surroundings, staff, cuisine, and overall value. Based on their locations and features, properties were divided into city and resort categories.

In 2018, Hotel Lutetia joined the list after a four-year restoration. The 184-room hotel has always attracted a prestigious clientele and dazzled visitors with its opulent Art Deco décor, but the renovation has set the standard even higher.

Everything was taken into consideration when it was restored; the technology is outstanding, the spa is exquisite, the bars and restaurants have a unique atmosphere, and the service is unmatched.

With its coveted position, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme continues to draw visitors. A stunning hotel located close to the Louvre and in the center of upscale retail areas. And Le Bristol, which comes in second this year, demonstrates that customers appreciate and pay attention to even the little nuances.

Winner, the legendary Ritz Paris, is likewise extremely rooted in history and gets all the contemporary elements exactly right.

1. Ritz Paris

The Top 10 Hotels in Paris

The storied 142-room hotel on Place Vendôme shot to the top position. Numerous dignitaries, famous people, authors, and fashion icons—among them Ernest Hemingway and Coco Chanel—have visited since it initially opened in 1898. Visitors still have a strong emotional connection to this feeling of history.

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Few hotels in Paris can compare to the Ritz if you’re looking for luxury with history and personality. Book a memorable stay in the Imperial Suite, a 2,347-square-foot suite designed after Marie Antoinette’s at Versailles, or have afternoon tea in the Salon Proust, which offers the author’s cherished madeleines.

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