How Guys Text When They Like You

4. He Seems Concerned About You

How Guys Text When They Like You

Do you know what makes love and attraction so important?

It’s not just how it appears…

And there are NO similarities…

It is referred to as “Emotional investment.”

This is what it indicates:

A person who is emotionally involved in you will have strong emotional ties to you. Due to you, his mood fluctuates.

He responds swiftly and feels sad if you ignore him. On the other side, if you pay him more attention, he’ll be happy.

He will also sense your feelings, so if you’re joyful, he will be as well.

He likes you more the more emotionally committed he is in you.

A male will make an effort to show a lady they care about her when they like her.

They may text you to inquire about your well-being. or “Did you make it safely home?” This is how they go beyond being “just friends.”

This is a fantastic indication since it demonstrates their emotional investment in you.

It’s likely that he views you as more than just a buddy if they have your best interests in mind.

You may be more certain that this is the case the more often he does it.

5. He Sends You Long Texts

How Guys Text When They Like You

The majority of men are sluggish texters.

Some men respond with a single or two words. even ignore messages from males.

It takes a lot of time and concentration to write lengthy paragraphs. But it’s a sign that you’re on a guy’s mind when he often texts you in-depth messages.

Consider it the opposite way around: A man will undoubtedly spend more time and effort messaging you if he is interested in you.

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His SMS messages become lengthier as he thinks more about you.

6. He Usually Texts You Back Right Away

How Guys Text When They Like You

Have you ever delayed to text back to make yourself seem less desperate?

It’s quite typical. And a lot of men do it.

But if he responds to your text soon away, he probably can’t keep back.

He’s taking the time to respond to you despite having other commitments. You are now his first focus.

Additionally, it implies that he enjoys messaging you and wants to continue the connection.

7. He Uses Emojis

How Guys Text When They Like You

There are two primary reasons why men utilize emoticons.

First, he tries to make everyone smile and maintain a cheerful attitude.

He’s attempting to keep the conversation going by keeping you engaged if he ends his texts with emoticons.

He also used emoticons in order to lessen awkwardness. It’s a method for him to express his like for you without expressing “I like you.”

He might emoji you with a heart or a kissy face. It’s his method of expressing himself while yet seeming carefree and playful.

Because, let’s face it, everyone knows that males want to seem cool while masking their true emotions.

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