Why Are Mom Influencers and Online Mom Groups So Toxic?

Why Are Mom Influencers and Online Mom Groups So Toxic?

Growing up a child is challenging. This brand-new experience has many wonderful moments of delight, but it also has a never-ending list of shifting obstacles. Many new mothers turn to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram as a result, hoping to find comfort and support in mommy groups.

Sadly, although some online communities are supportive and understanding of others’ views, other parenting organizations often serve as a platform for publicly humiliating individuals who don’t share their members’ opinions.

According to a study, “23% of women on social media believe social media has had a detrimental influence on their emotional well-being [and] 49% of moms on social media say they have opted not to post, publish, or remark on social media because they were afraid of being judged.”

We examine why some online parent communities are so toxic and discuss how to locate a supportive environment that offers encouraging words and helpful suggestions.

What are Facebook Mom Groups?

Why Are Mom Influencers and Online Mom Groups So Toxic?

There are several private groups on Facebook that provide similar chances digitally for individuals who are new to parenthood and find themselves without a real network of mom friends to resort to when they need to vent or seek guidance. These networks are also fantastic for helping new mothers meet and socialize with other mothers in real life.

Why are these bands so well-liked? Moms are really busy! According to research, 81% of American mothers on social media use Facebook, compared to 61% of the country’s entire population. Furthermore, 35% of respondents claim that social media is their primary window into the outside world.

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Social networking is a simple method to get information practically instantly and develop connections with people much more quickly than in person. This was particularly true early in the epidemic when social isolation was required. Sadly, even if these groups have good intentions, if you join one without a moderator you could discover that some discussions become into forums full of misinformation and hatred.

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