How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022

Offer products or merchandise for sale

There are numerous ways to monetize your YouTube channel. Merchandise provides benefits in addition to revenue. It aids in the development of brand recognition and loyalty.

Merchandise expands your online brand and personality by bringing them into the physical world. It also strengthens your relationship with your fans because they literally “buy into” what you’re saying. Under the Smile More brand, Roman Atwood sells a variety of merchandise in her store.

It may be more difficult than it appears at first. Using freelance websites, you can get affordable designs tailored for specific items, such as t-shirts.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with an existing creator merchandising network, such as DFTBA (Don’t Forget to Be Awesome). However, if you compete with other YouTube channels, you will have less control over adding items, offering discounts, integrating content, and reaping the benefits of owning your own ecommerce site.

You can even take it a step further by creating and marketing your own one-of-a-kind products and leveraging your YouTube channel to power your business. As Luxy Hair did in order to sell its hair extensions.

As a YouTuber with an existing audience, you’ll have two advantages right away that other store owners would envy:

A content engine that drives consistent traffic to your store

Your audience’s trust, which you’ve earned by regularly providing them with free content from your own brand.

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