How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022

Work as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning commissions by promoting the products or services of others. You can become a brand’s affiliate and include product placement, endorsements, or other types of content. You must, however, disclose any partnerships in your videos.

This is especially useful for people who review products on YouTube. Because there is no risk for brands, the barrier to entry is usually low.

ClickBank (1% to 75% commissions, depending on the vendor) and Amazon’s affiliate program (up to 10% per sale) are two popular affiliate programs. You can also reach out to brands in your niche that have an affiliate program, which is fairly common in the ecommerce industry.

How many YouTube views do you need to make money?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub data, the average YouTube channel can earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which equates to about $3 to $5 per video view.

The number of views does not correspond to revenue earned. You won’t make any money if your video receives thousands of views but no one watches or clicks the ad. This is due to YouTube’s billing criteria: for you to be paid, a viewer must click an ad or watch the video ad in its entirety (10, 15, or 30 seconds).

How to Make Money on YouTube

  • Publish advertisements on your channel.
  • Subscriptions to channels are available.
  • Provide channel memberships
  • Enroll in affiliate marketing.

To earn money directly from YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous year. After that, you can apply to YouTube’s Partner Program to monetize your channel.

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If you’re new to affiliate marketing, one place to start making money is with affiliate marketing. Popular YouTube channels frequently cover niche topics such as food reviews, product launches, and the best of [X]. Rather than ads or views, you can earn money by having people buy affiliate products from your videos.

How much do YouTubers earn per year?

The top five YouTubers in January 2021 each have tens of millions of followers. MrBeast, Jake Paul, Markiplier, Rhett and Link, and Unspeakable are some of the accounts. These YouTubers earn an estimated $28.5 million per year from their channels. While their earnings are massive, smaller accounts can still make a living on YouTube.

Consider Justine Leconte’s YouTube channel. Her channel has 913,000 subscribers and 91 million video views, and she helps people dress better and understand fashion. Her total estimated earnings are around $259,304 based solely on ad revenue, with an average of $979 per video.

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