Mercury Retrograde 2022 Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign

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There’s a strong possibility you can attribute your current feelings of fatigue and confusion—a sense that you’re simply not yourself—to Mercury retrograde. Your brain has a way of having to work twice as hard to operate when the globe of communication and cognitive function is spinning backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Although everyone will experience its typical symptoms from September to October 2022, you should check at how Mercury retrograde will impact each zodiac sign since it will always provide a more in-depth understanding of what this experience means for you.

Despite the fact that Mercury retrograde is generally disliked, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world. Since it only occurs three to four times a year, Mercury retrograde is not only a common occurrence for you but also an essential component of your yearly solar voyage!

This retrograde, which lasts for around three weeks, has a tendency of bringing back unresolved drama from your past, especially if a discussion has been put on “read” for an excessive amount of time. Mercury’s retrograde motion through the zodiac draws attention to issues that haven’t been resolved, giving you a chance to find resolution and put the past behind you.

Let’s not forget that Mercury is the trickster planet and that it enjoys making our life as difficult as possible while it is retrograde. Delays, disappointments, misunderstandings, and even technology errors are likely to rise. Additionally, plans seldom become firm during Mercury retrograde, so it’s not the best time to sign contracts or make significant choices. By the same token, this does not imply that you must live in terror since there are occasions when you truly have no option but to disregard Mercury retrograde and proceed as you see fit.

Mercury retrograde starts on September 9 and ends on October 2.

Mercury will station retrograde in Libra on September 9 at 11:38 p.m. ET. On September 23, it will reenter Virgo, and on October 2, it will station directly there. This retrograde will likely produce significant misunderstandings in your relationships because it starts in Libra, the air sign of harmony, friendship, and love. However, it also starts at 8 degrees Libra, which is the Scorpio degree, giving this retrograde experience a touch of fervor and intensity. Without a doubt, this retrograde is making you go through the pain of your past relationship trauma so that you can emerge from it stronger and more equipped to welcome a deeper love.

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Mercury retrograde will conclude at 24 degrees of Virgo, giving you the profoundly healing promise of a fresh start. The practical nature of the Virgo zodiac sign will provide you useful skills for resolving relationship issues. You may anticipate that many of us will be ready to accept excuses, make amends, and move on since the 24th degree is known as the Pisces degree, which is associated with empathy and forgiving.

Based on your sun, rising, and/or Mercury signs, the following describes your fall Mercury retrograde journey:

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