9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You

9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You

A partnership is such a wonderful thing that it is impossible to describe. But only when everything is in order can this happen. A relationship, though, may be the most miserable thing if things are not going as they should.

Therefore, I will discuss one of the frequent relationship problems that many couples encounter nowadays. And this is the kiss-related problem. Women frequently appear to be unprepared for kisses. Even though it’s a pretty simple thing, they still find it difficult to prepare.

Women only engage in physical contact or kiss people they have faith in. Therefore, if a lady is not willing to kiss you, you need to put in more effort to gain her confidence.

Actually, there are other reasons besides this one that could exist. Therefore, I’ve chosen the top 9 reasons why a woman won’t prepare to kiss a man. So, if your girl isn’t about to kiss you, one of them may be the cause.

1. She Is Not Ready Yet

9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You

She might not be ready to kiss you yet is the first explanation that could apply. By this, I mean that your relationship is still in its early stages and that she won’t be getting ready to kiss you. Simply wait and give her some time in that situation. Give her more information about you so that when she has confidence in you, she will kiss.

However, this is not the case if your relationship has been going on for more than three months. For a relationship to go to the kissing stage, it only takes three months.

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2. She Has Never Kissed Anyone

She has never kissed someone, which is the second justification. And in this scenario, the game is entirely in your hands. Now, how you handle her is all up to you. It is your duty to make her feel at ease before you kiss her. If you were to ask me, “Sam, what should I do in this circumstance,” I will then advise following the step-by-step procedure.

If you want to move past your kissing issue, follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin by kissing her on the head. When you’re having an emotional moment, just kiss her on the head. A female understands that you care about her when you kiss her on the forehead.
  2. then eventually give her chick a kiss. You are planting your kissing tree by doing this. The French kiss will come after this chick kiss.
  3. Now, later on, give her a quick kiss on the lips. Simply make eye contact with her and take it back. If she reacts favorably, you have already contacted the ground and are down to your final step.
  4. This time, simply give me a quick kiss again without returning the favor. begin stroking her lips. Continue to savor the moment. If you took the aforementioned action, there is now extremely little probability that she will reject you this time.
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