Your 2022 horoscope

Your 2022 horoscope

It’s finally time for your 2022 horoscope, and let’s start by wishing you a warm welcome to the year of light-speed transformation! If you thought 2021 passed quickly, just wait till you go through 2022. The huge changes motif from the previous year continues into this one. The Saturn-Uranus square that profoundly altered our lives does not occur again, but the Nodes of Destiny going into Taurus and Scorpio do activate it. The cosmos will compel us to fulfill our aspirations in order to keep up with the difficulties of a new period since life will be drastically accelerated.

Relationships will be another topic for the next year (you might also want to look at your love horoscope for 2022). The year begins with a retrograde Venus (which turns direct on January 29) and ends with a retrograde Mars (October 30 to January 12). We might anticipate a greater sense of connection returning to our lives as a result of the cosmic lovers’ desire that we polish our closest ties.

The themes from the previous year are reflected in the Mercury retrogrades in 2022. They will force us to shift our perspective and fully engage in introspection from January 14 to February 3, May 10 to June 3, and September 9 to October 2, when they occur in intellectual air signs. Pay notice to any recurring motifs from the past that surface for you during these significant 2022 astrological events.

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