10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

Animals as well as humans have long used natural illness prevention strategies like therapeutic herbs. The phenomena is so typical that it has its own name: zoopharmacognosy. Creatures will use all means necessary to maintain their health, whether that be consuming vegetation, other animals, or even rubbish. Numerous animals, ranging from microscopic insects to huge apes, display this behavior. Here are some of the most fascinating instances.

10 Elephants

10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

Although some species are more devoted parents than others, animals care for their young in the same way that humans do. Additionally, they strive for the healthiest pregnancy possible. Animals that are pregnant utilize plants in the same manner as a pregnant human would take medicine.

There are several reasons for accelerating the gestational period, including the risk of birth abnormalities and the mother’s physical exhaustion from the pregnancy. Elephants in Africa are known to consume herbs that make people work that the locals also utilize. Elephants have a long gestation period, and even if there is no medical reason to shorten it, the poor animals could just be sick of being pregnant.

9 “Geophagy”

10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

As indicated before, there is a term for the entire process of animal self-medication. However, many different types of animals utilize more focused procedures to lessen their suffering. They also receive a name based on how frequently they are observed. While some may appear strange, they offer legitimate advantages.

Most animals carefully select their meals as a form of self-medication. Geophagy, the practice of eating soil and rocks, is practiced by many animals, including apes and elephants. The animals who use the technique get a lot from it. It can improve their nutritional status, keep their stomachs healthy, and do much more. Instead of dismissing it as an odd trait of the species, people should think about the possible medicinal advantages the next time they see an animal eating dirt.

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