Unisex Baby Names in the U.S.

Unisex Baby Names in the U.S.

The practice of revealing the gender of a newborn to the public is becoming more and more common these days. However, if you’re one of those parents who would rather be shocked in the delivery room than when cutting cake in front of friends and family, these unisex names will spare you a lot of last-minute worry and thought.

Additionally, you might be surprised to learn that many names that are often associated with either boys or girls can work well as gender-neutral names.

You’ll enjoy seeing how names that are often associated with boys work for a newborn girl and vice versa; sometimes all it takes is one inventive parent (or a well-known celebrity) to shift perceptions.

Some of our favorite unisex baby names for a boy or a girl are listed here. Any of these gender-neutral suggestions will work.

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