Unisex Baby Names in the U.S.

Gender-neutral names

1. Alex

On your child’s birth certificate, you can write this traditional unisex name in a few different ways: The most common nickname for Alexandra and Alexander is obviously “Alex,” but it may also be reduced to “Alexis,” “Alexia,” “Alexa,” or “Alexandria,” or it can be used alone.

2. James

Before actress Blake Lively gave the name James to her kid in 2017, you would not have thought of it as being gender-neutral. For a guy, nicknames like Jim or Jimmy are suitable, whilst Jamie is a cute choice for a lady.

3. Blake

Blake Lively understands what it’s like to negotiate the world with a unisex name, much as her kid does. The Social Security Administration (SSA) ranked Blake as the 210th most popular unisex name for boys in 2021 and the 219th most popular unisex name for girls in the same year.

4. Kyle

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will immediately identify Kyle Richards of the group as the source of inspiration for this unisex baby name.

5. Drew

Drew Carey, Drew Barrymore, and Drew Brees. Whether you’re having a boy or a girl, this four-letter name is simple to say, spell, and pick.

6. Taylor

Another traditional, preferred unisex baby name that has endured. The name Taylor is not only suitable for both girls and boys, but it is also a widely used surname.

7. Kennedy

Kennedy is a dignified name fit for a born leader, even though it is now more common for girls than boys (the name ranked 72 for females on the SSA’s 2021 list, compared to 996 for boys).

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