15 Things Good Husbands Never Do: A Guide for Healthy Relationships

15 Things Good Husbands Never Do: A Guide for Healthy Relationships

9) They never ignore their spouse’s feelings 

Good spouses also never downplay their wives’ ambitions or disregard their emotions.

A decent spouse will take the time to hear his wife out. He’ll try to comprehend why she feels that way and make the necessary adjustments to get back on track.

That’s not all, however.

A decent husband will also express his own feelings; he won’t keep them hidden from his wife.

10) They never stop improving themselves

That’s correct, a good spouse never stops pursuing personal growth.

Moreover, emotional intelligence is included.

You see, a good husband knows that in order to be present in his marriage and the partner his wife deserves, he must be able to comprehend both his own and her emotions.

He need empathy and self-awareness. And the only way to have these attributes is to always work on being a better person!

11) They never criticize their wife’s appearance

Good husbands also refrain from making comments about their wives’ attractiveness.

It might be painful to learn from your spouse that you’ve gained weight or seem worn down since how we appear in the eyes of our loved ones matters a lot. A lot.

That being said, a decent husband should be able to communicate to his wife when he is worried (for example, if she always seems fatigued) in a marriage where communication and honesty are important.

A wise husband is aware that the depth of his wife’s character, not her outward looks, determines the strength of their marriage.

12) They never hold their wife’s past against her

Expecting your bride to be a virgin with an angel’s history behind her is wildly impractical (particularly considering that the majority of guys don’t wait around for marriage either)… So holding their wife’s history against her is something else excellent spouses never do.

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And I don’t just mean in happy times; it should never come up in disagreements either.

In actuality, you are really opening up to someone when you tell them about your history. You’re being vulnerable because you believe in them.

So, having them reject it at the first chance demonstrates their lack of regard (and maturity).

Since he is intelligent enough to understand that her background has no bearing on their marriage, a decent spouse would never act in that manner!

13) They never invade their spouse’s privacy

In addition, a decent spouse would never reveal his wife’s background to her or disturb her privacy.

That contains:

  • Reading her messages 
  • Going through private folders/letters/emails 
  • Going behind her back to find out information about her 
  • Keeping tabs on what she’s doing or where she’s going

Hey, it’s undeniable that we live in an information era. It’s simple to access your spouse’s inbox and find out with whoever they’ve been corresponding.

Nonetheless, a decent husband is aware that his wife must be trusted above all else. He must also respect her right to privacy.

He is blatantly demeaning her by breaking it, and this may very easily result in the breakdown of the marriage!

14) They never avoid important conversations

It is inevitable that difficult but crucial talks may arise throughout a marriage.

  • How many kids are you going to have?
  • Who’s going to take in the elderly in-laws?
  • When’s the right time to end the family business?

The list could go on, but it’s never enjoyable to have these kinds of discussions, particularly when there are divergent viewpoints.

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But, that’s when a decent spouse appears.

He doesn’t avoid these conversations or turn them into major tragedies. He is wise enough to realize that the best way to find a resolution is to work together with his wife!

15) They never stop fighting for their marriage

Last but not least, wonderful men never give up on their marriage (unless it really is over).

That is to say, you can be sure that guy will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep his marriage intact if there is still love and respect on the table.

Every marriage has difficult periods, but with a little perseverance and a lot of effort, he can get through them and go on to happy days with his wife.

Before giving up, he will try everything.

Therefore, if you’ve seen any of these traits in your spouse, go give him a huge embrace and tell him how great of a husband he is.

Marriage is difficult, it’s a fact. You won’t ever find the “ideal” spouse who meets all of your requirements. Nevertheless, if he checks the majority of them, you’re onto a winner!

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