10 Best Dog and Cat GPS Trackers in 2022

10 Best Dog and Cat GPS Trackers in 2022

Best Dog GPS Tracker Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

GPS Technology
When shopping for a tracker, the GPS module and its accuracy should be your first priority. As GPS triangulates the device’s position and movement using a constellation of satellites, trackers often have a huge coverage area. But knowing a tracker’s range is still crucial. Most GPS trackers also need a monthly subscription or data plan to connect to the network that enables position monitoring. Subscription services are offered by a wide variety of businesses. Make sure you’re comfortable with the mobile phone carrier the plan requires, and that you’re familiar with the specifications of the plan.

Battery life is one of the most varied aspects of GPS trackers for pets. A common lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers most electronic gadgets. Battery life is affected by several variables, such as the device’s size, its power requirements, how it’s used and what features it has, as well as the surrounding temperature and humidity. Think about how you plan on using the device and pick a battery life that will accommodate that. Look for battery management options in the device’s mobile app that provide remote control of settings if you wish to keep tabs on and regulate battery use. Battery replacement is simple if your tracker is the type that allows you to remove the battery to charge it.

Activity and Health Monitoring
As a result, many pet trackers on the market now also provide useful extras like activity and health monitoring. Modern trackers, like iPhones, have an accelerometer sensor to capture this information. Dashboards in the tracker’s mobile app give daily data on your pet’s movement, rest, and even insight into habits like scratching for those who invest in trackers with activity and health monitoring. It’s not uncommon for them to double as a canine fitness tracker, allowing you to monitor your dog’s health and fitness levels via a mobile app.

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