Top 10 Coffee Shops Around the University of Florida

5. Curia on the Drag

Top 10 Coffee Shops Around the University of Florida

At Curia on the Drag, premium coffee and vegan pastries are available. I’ll give you a piece of advice: try to visit Curia just before sunset. You can see how the sky begins to become pale orange and pink between the trees. Nothing makes my day better than enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book while the sun sets behind some oak trees. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to these times, especially when I’m overwhelmed with academics and need a break.

Although Curia on the Drag is quite a way from school and you might need a transport to get there, you can really spend the entire day there. You can locate a vegan food truck in the same location that, in my opinion, offers the finest yucca fries and vegan burritos. You may choose to sit indoors or outside at Curia. The restaurant has a sizable space with several tables and chairs. There is a sizable collection of books, board games, and antique furniture there. There aren’t many students around, so Curia is the ideal location if you truly need to be away from people your age and anything academic.

6. Karma Cream

Top 10 Coffee Shops Around the University of Florida

Karma Cream gives you the greatest vegan coffee environment if you enjoy dining at vegan restaurants but would want to go somewhere that is pretty close to campus. Along with their great coffee, they also provide ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, and vegan ice cream. Like their chocolate hazelnut-filled croissants and the pistachio almond croissant, which are both vegan and organic, you won’t find any amazingly excellent croissants in Gainesville. Your mood can be improved and you can feel like the most special person in the world when you have a distinctive ornamental fume on your coffee (at least for the time it takes you to finish your cup).

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Regina Benarroch, a senior at the University of Central Florida, remarked, “I appreciate that each coffee shop I went to in Gainesville had their unique souvenirs you could take with you.” Since I’m from out of town, the fact that this coffee shop is quite modest made me feel really welcomed.

I found it to be occasionally quite difficult to work alone in a peaceful setting. Because of this, I frequently visit Karma Cream when this occurs. Despite the nonstop amazing music they play, the tables are close together, which makes interacting with other patrons a breeze. I get the impression that I can sit at the same table with a variety of folks. So, if you enjoy meeting new people, Karma Cream offers the ideal setting.

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