The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

Julia Koch

David Koch, who had the good fortune to inherit his money from his parents, married Julia Flesher. Since then, Koch and his brother have increased their combined wealth to more than $50 billion, making them both the wealthiest members of their family.

The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

Three healthy children were born to the couple’s union in 1996. Sadly, David Koch, 79, lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2019.

Flora Pérez

Amancio Ortega married Flora Pérez in 1986, following the divorce of his first wife. Inditex was created by Ortega and his ex-wife. The parent business of the enormous fashion retailer Zara is this retail brand. Since his second marriage began in 2001, it is well known that the pair leads a very secluded existence.

The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

Due of this, there aren’t many photos of the two, either together or apart. One of the richest persons in the world, Ortega has a net worth of over $70 billion. Despite this, they lead humble lives, and he often wears unbranded (non-Zara) black blazers and no ties.

Aleksandra Melnichenko

Russian millionaire, businessman, philanthropist, and social investor Andrey Melnichenko. He is one of the wealthiest persons in Russia with a personal net worth of $14.7 billion. Aleksandra Melnichenko, his wife, is a former Serbian singer and model.

The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

Two years after they first connected in the South of France in 2003, the couple wed. Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera allegedly had a performance during their Cote d’Azur wedding. Together, Aleksandra and Andrey Melnichenko are parents of two kids.

Padma Lakshmi

Padma is well-known to many people since she served as the presenter of the reality television program “Top Chef,” but she also has many other skills, including authoring a number of best-selling cookbooks, acting, and modeling. She is said to be worth $40 million, but getting married to a millionaire surely wouldn’t hurt.

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The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

The millionaire Theodore J. Forstmann and she were married for two years until he passed suddenly in 2011 from brain cancer.

Elle Macpherson

Australia-born Elle Macpherson is a well-known TV personality, actress, and model. She originally had a marriage with millionaire Jeffrey Soffer, the son of Donald Soffer, who is credited with transforming Florida swamplands into the stunning and vibrant area now known as Aventura.

The Powerful Women Behind The Rich & Famous

Macpherson started dating Soffer in 2009, but the two soon fell apart and broke up in March of 2012. However, they got back together in November of 2012 and then tied the knot in the middle of 2013. Unfortunately, marrying each other didn’t fix their issues, and they have since gotten divorced.

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