How to Make a Girl Like you On Facebook Social Media

How to Make a Girl Like you On Facebook Social Media

5. Start a conversation, but don’t be creepy about it

Keep in mind that this isn’t really a dating app. So, the secret to attracting females on Facebook is moderation. Begin with a friendly “Hello,” and be careful to inquire if you’re disturbing her. In order to learn more about one another, you may also select an engaging conversation topic.

6. Be attentive about your manner of chatting

Despite the fact that chat is a digital medium, your style reveals a lot about you. So don’t send her countless lines of messages, especially if she isn’t responding to any of them. Sending a joke, a funny gif, or a smiley while talking could be a smart idea. She could even like you more because you are hilarious, and it will keep her from being bored.

7. Be bold and suggest a video chat

When you are comfortable with this idea, and when you get hints your girl is interested in you, you can suggest a video chat. This is a great opportunity to know each other better, and it can tell you if she is the one or not. Besides, it is the safest way to impress a girl on Facebook since it will reveal you are interested in her. After all, you are spending time with a video chat when you could’ve ignored her for hours in the message section!

8. Invite her to an event you’re both interested in

When you eventually identify some areas of shared interest, you may take the next step. See what pages you both like and what events she is interested in by checking out. By proposing a first date to her at a favourite event, you’ll probably be able to wow her on Facebook.

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9. Don’t act like this first meet up is the first date for you

You shouldn’t behave like this is a date when you are only meeting in person. Instead, consider it a chance to finally meet your crush in person. And this will demonstrate whether your Facebook impression of her was accurate. You’re probably headed in the correct direction if she shows attention throughout the activity!

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