How long does a Tesla battery last? Tesla car range and battery life explained

How long does a Tesla battery last? Tesla car range and battery life explained

Frequently asked questions about Teslas

How do I charge my Tesla?

Concerns about running out of juice while on the road are a regular topic of conversation when discussing Teslas and other electric vehicles more generally due to their lesser range per tank/full battery compared to conventional gas-powered vehicles. Unless you frequently drive long distances or live in a rural area, you probably don’t need to worry about this. You should be able to charge your Tesla just fine wherever you happen to be, be it at home using a wall connector or at one of the many Supercharger stations throughout the world.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

The time it takes to completely charge a Tesla varies from model to model and charger to charger, but can be anywhere from an hour to 12 hours (wall outlet, high-powered wall outlet, wall connector, or Supercharger). Superchargers can fully charge a battery in roughly 30 minutes, whereas standard outlets only add about three miles per hour. Charging via the wall takes anywhere from eight to ten hours, depending on the vehicle type. Can you tell me how much it costs to charge a Tesla?
Prices for Teslas range from $43,990 to $129,990 as of right now. The Model 3 is the entry-level option, while the Model S Plaid is the high-end model. When fully charged, how far can a Tesla travel?
The Model 3 has the longest range of any Tesla vehicle at 405 miles per charge.

Power your Tesla (or any electric vehicle) with solar

Solar energy is the most cost-effective solution to reduce your Tesla’s charging expenses. Find the appropriate system at the right price by comparing up to seven offers from our network of pre-screened installers on the EnergySage Marketplace. Make a note in your account if you want to use an electric vehicle (EV) and charge it at home; this will help installers determine the appropriate size of your system, allowing you to use clean energy generated on-site to charge your EV.

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