How long does a Tesla battery last? Tesla car range and battery life explained

How long does a Tesla battery last? Tesla car range and battery life explained

Why do ranges for Tesla cars vary by model?

Perhaps you’re wondering why the range of each Tesla varies so much after viewing the estimated battery life of each model. As with manufacturers of traditional gas-powered automobiles, Tesla’s many model years have distinct characteristics that affect the longevity of their batteries. Important factors that determine a car’s range are the size of the battery and the kind of vehicle.

Battery size

In general, the larger the battery, the more energy it can store and the further it can travel. The battery capacity of a Tesla Model S is 98 kWh, whereas that of a Model 3 is just 80.5 kWh. It stands to reason, seeing as the Model S has a far greater range than the Model 3. (405 miles vs. 267 miles, respectively).

Tesla model

More effective utilization of the battery’s stored energy means longer range for electric vehicles. There are a lot of factors that go into a car’s acceleration, including aerodynamics, tire-to-road friction, drivetrain efficiency, vehicle weight, and more. More of the stored power will be utilized by a Tesla model with a modern drivetrain (typical of recent models) and a lightweight body than by one with an older, less efficient motor and a heavier chassis.

Tesla’s car battery warranty

Knowing a Tesla battery’s theoretical lifespan is one thing, but knowing how long it should survive with acceptable performance is another. Here’s where warranties come in: Tesla’s warranties protect you for a certain amount of time OR miles travelled, and they promise that your battery will still be good for 70% of its initial charge at the end of that time or distance. So, if you drive your Model S for 8 years or 150,000 miles (whichever comes first), and the battery capacity drops to 70% or below, Tesla will cover “any repair or replacement necessary to address flaws in the materials or workmanship.”

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How long does a Tesla battery last? Tesla car range and battery life explained

The lowest mileage warranty available from Tesla currently is their Model 3 warranty at 100,000 miles for 8 years. For context, that’s 12,500 miles a year, 240 miles a week, or 24 miles a day, which is still probably plenty for most car owners!

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