COVID: Top 10 current conspiracy theories

COVID-19 doesn’t actually exist

COVID: Top 10 current conspiracy theories

Professional conspiracy theorists like David Icke and Alex Jones of InfoWars contend that COVID-19 is a globalist elite ploy to restrict our freedoms rather than a genuine event. Later variants of this theory are already driving anti-lockdown rallies throughout numerous US states. Early, weaker versions of this theory were common on the political right in the idea that the new coronavirus would be “no worse than flu.” Because believers increasingly disregard social isolation rules, they may directly contribute to the spread of the pandemic in their communities and raise the death toll as a result.

The pandemic is being manipulated by the ‘deep state’

Some people think Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public face of the US coronavirus pandemic response, is a covert part of a “deep state” of America’s elite who are planning to unseat the president. During a press briefing, Fauci’s reaction of surprise when the deep state was mentioned apparently gave away the plan.

COVID is a plot by Big Pharma

COVID: Top 10 current conspiracy theories

Many people who spread conspiracy theories are actually skilled performers hawking scam goods. Alex Jones invites viewers to purchase pricey magic medications that he says can heal all known ailments in between tirades about frauds and the New World Order. Vitamins (and countless other things he sells), according to Dr. Mercola, a quack anti-vax and anti-GMO physician who has been banned from Google for spreading false information, may treat or prevent COVID. Another conspiracist website, NaturalNews, offers a wide variety of medications, enchantments, and prep supplies. These conspiracy theorists rely on spreading the myth that traditional, evidence-based medicine is ineffective and that large pharmaceutical firms are behind a scheme to poison us in order to increase their market share. It is hardly unexpected that Big Pharma conspiracies have evolved into coronavirus conspiracy theories as they are a mainstay of anti-vaccination narratives.

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