10 Top NFT Marketplaces

10 Top NFT Marketplaces

2. Axie Marketplace

The online store for the video game Axie Infinity is called Axie Marketplace. Mythical creatures known as Axies can be purchased, trained, and competed against by other players’ Axies to obtain prizes. Players may purchase brand-new Axies, whole lands, and other things as NFTs for use in the game on the Axie Marketplace.

The Ethereum blockchain is the foundation for the Axie Infinity coins, also known as Axie Shards. As a result, they are available for purchase and sale on several different NFT markets as well as on a few cryptocurrency exchanges, such Coinbase Global (NASDAQ:COIN).

10 Top NFT Marketplaces

3. Larva Labs/CryptoPunks

The popular CryptoPunks NFT project made Larva Labs famous. Some CryptoPunks have now sold for millions of dollars even though they were initially distributed for free back in 2017. Other digital art initiatives by Larva Labs include Autoglyphs and other Ethereum blockchain-based app development initiatives.

Although the CryptoPunks NFTs from Larva Labs are sold out, they may still be bid on and purchased through a number of other markets. However, Larva Labs’ many initiatives are worth keeping an eye on, including the Meebits, which may be directly bid on through the firm’s integrated marketplace.

10 Top NFT Marketplaces

4. NBA Top Shot Marketplace

The National Basketball Association and Women’s National Basketball Association’s entry into the NFT market is called NBA Top Shot. The world’s top basketball leagues provide collectible moments (play highlights and video clips) and art for sale on their marketplace.

Using Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, the NBA created it as a closed market (you can only purchase and sell on Top Shot). Direct purchases on the Top Shot marketplace website are simple to make after signing up. Even a little cash can be used to buy a collectible moment.

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