10 of the best slow cookers for delicious faff-free meals

10 of the best slow cookers for delicious faff-free meals

This resource is constantly updated to include new models that have been rigorously evaluated and recommended by the BBC Good Food reviews team. Those highlighted have earned it via extensive, objective testing. These include both recently released works and perennial fan favorites that have proven themselves to be resilient in the face of competition from different brands. Only slow cookers that are truly cost-effective will be featured on our site.

A slow cooker has several great features. Having a hot lunch waiting for you when you get home is a wonderful pleasure. Slow cookers don’t become hot enough to cause food to burn, so you don’t have to stand over the pot and stir constantly.

You may obtain excellent results even with less expensive pieces of meat by using the best slow cookers. Meat may be tenderized and have its flavor enhanced by cooking it at low temperatures for a long time. And since they use so much less power than regular electric ovens, slow cookers are cheaper to use. Finally, they provide a low-fat alternative to cooking methods like baking, boiling, and frying while retaining many of the nutrients.

Slow cookers are often uncomplicated and straightforward to use. Most of these items have only a few parts and may be utilized right away. Various models are available, each with its own set of features and requirements. To get the most out of your dinner, some high-tech versions have sous-vide settings and pre-sets for certain ingredients.

There is a wide range in pricing for slow cookers because of the variety in designs and technology available.

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What to look out for when buying a slow cooker?

There is a wide variety of slow cookers available, making it hard to narrow down your options and settle on the best one. In that light, I’d like to pose a few questions.

  • Design: Do you want a cheap, basic slow cooker that does one thing really well, or a multifunctional appliance that can also sous-vide, pressure cook, bake, and roast? Know that the more advanced features a slow cooker has, the more you may expect to pay for it.
  • Size: There are a wide range of capacities available, starting at 1 liter and going up to a whopping 6.5 liters. When catering to a small party of one or two, use the smallest available. The smallest, at 3 to 4.5 liters, serves four, while the largest, at 6 to 6.5 liters, is ideal for families and bulk cooking. The capacity given in the marketing copy is the size of the bowl, not the operating capacity, which is occasionally half that.
  • Space: There is some counter and storage space needed for a slow cooker. The smaller round and tall form, and the larger oval, both exist, with the latter taking up more space but offering greater flexibility.

Best slow cookers 2022

Ninja 9-in-1 multicooker OP350UK

10 of the best slow cookers for delicious faff-free meals

Best blowout multi-tasking slow cooker

Star rating: 5/5

  • Pros: nine functions in one countertop cooker, accompanying recipe book, clear instructions
  • Cons: requires an additional slow cooker lid, large footprint for storage

Compared to its predecessor, the 6-in-1 multicooker from Ninja Foodi, this new model boasts an impressive nine cooking and other useful features. Cooking methods such as slow cooking (which is particularly user-friendly), searing/sautéing, air-crisping, grilling, drying, baking/roasting, yogurt-making, pressure-cooking, and steaming are all on the table. It seems fresh and new, with simple buttons and a case that doesn’t get too hot to the touch. It’s the best tool there is for cooking.

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